Kalili & Faith

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Finding Faith

The first book in the trilogy is set in 10th Century Rome and chronicles the first meetings between Kalili and Faith.

From Amazon Description:

When an angel and a demon fall in love, there's Hell to pay...

And Heaven's waiting its turn. 

Rome in the 10th Century is full of demons and succubi, trying to influence and corrupt the church. 

To combat them are a host of angels and guardians. 

Kalili is a demon. 

Faith is an angel. 

When Faith encounters Kalili, sparks fly. 

It's impossible, but they can't deny their feelings. 

When they learn who - and what - they truly are? 

Neither side wants them. 

All they can depend on is each other. 

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Testing Faith

Kalili and Faith have found out who they are.

And what they are.

Heaven and Hell aren't fans.

Now they have new enemies and maybe new allies:

Coronatus: the imp who betrayed Kalili. But was he ordered to? If so, by whom?

Anathia: the succubus who took over Kalili's corruption job, she'll do anything to keep her position.

Lilith: the mother of succubi is interested and has plans of her own. Can she be trusted?

Zophiel: an angel with just a bit of tarnish on her soul.

Avareth: Kalili's former lover and minder. She knows more than is probably good for her continued existence.

But new allies and adversaries aren't all they're dealing with.

Faith has to report on her mission.

In person.

In four days.

To the Archangel Michael.

This can't possibly be good.

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Keeping Faith

Kalili and Faith have been dragged to Heaven by the Archangel Michael to answer for Faith's misdeeds. Have they finally run into someone they can't intimidate?

A Day in the Life

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